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  Welcome to Gold Pyramid Technology LLC., DBA Gold Pyramid Tech, where you can find solutions for Services and Installation on your new Commercial or Residential Project. We provide the skill labor and resources to help you reach your goals and resolutions. Our Skilled Labor services are unique in quality and execution.  

  At Gold Pyramid Tech we provide Installation and Service Packages for IT Network Infrastructure, Indoor and Outdoor Camera Installation, along with Audio Visual Services and Installation. You Can also gain access to our other skilled labor resources by scheduling an appointment with our consultant Team.  

  We have an exclusive Service Package for your IT Network Infrastructure. Service and installation for all Low-Voltage Communication cables used in the design of all Electronics Communications Equipment. Our exclusive Service Package comes with a 1-year complete membership. Gold Pyramid Tech will maximize your production and labor force so you can focus on other areas in your company. Ask us about our LVI Gold Commercial Package and how to get started today.  


  In today’s World, Safety has always been a top priority. No matter if it is a business office or your family Home. We all do our best to protect the people we love or the things we build. Gold Pyramid Tech’s Eagle Eye Service Package can provide that extra layer of protection. Indoor and Outdoor Camera Installation has been used in providing the aid we need to alert us of visitors to our Homes and Business establishments. Capturing events Live is possible now, along with being able to do so on the other side of the world. Looking for a CCTV installer? Hire your Gold Pyramid Tech for your Security Camera Installation Today! 

  Technology has advanced in many fields. We even use it in our business and home remodeling designs. Gold Pyramid Tech is driven in today’s industry in the creative use and designs of Audio-Visual Installation. Not only is viewing experiences for entertainment, Home Theaters, Game Rooms has changed for the better, so has the need for services. People now can broadcast live events. Host Podcast and even start their own talk show or YouTube channel. With Gold Pyramid Tech’s Audio-Visual Installation is more than just mounting a television or display on your wall. It is about providing a service to you that pushes you towards your dreams and making them reality. Gold Pyramid Tech’s Broadcast Studio Paradise Service Package is the perfect solution for all, not only musicians or music artists. We encourage you to be inspired and take your business to the next level.  

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